Trump raised duties on goods from China

The United States plans to introduce duties on Chinese goods from October 1.

US President Donald Trump said on Friday, August 23, the decision to increase duties that the US authorities plan to introduce in the fall on goods from China,

as part of a response to Beijing’s increase in import duties on American cars and parts. The corresponding message the American leader posted on Twitter.

«China should not have introduced new duties on US products worth $ 75 billion.

Starting October 1, $ 250 billion worth of goods from China, which are currently taxed at 25%, will be taxed at 30%.

In addition, the remaining $ 300 billion worth of products from China, which would be taxed at 10% tariffs from September 1, will now be taxed at 15%, «the president wrote.

According to the American leader, «For many years, China and many other countries have used the United States to their advantage in trade, stole US intellectual property, and much more.» «Our country loses hundreds of billions of dollars annually in favor of China, and there is no end in sight,» Trump said.

Once again, he blamed his predecessors for the presidency in this situation. “Unfortunately, previous administrations allowed China to go so far from fair and balanced trade that it was a big burden for the American taxpayer. As president, I can no longer allow this! In order to achieve fair trade, we must balance these very unfair trade relations with China, «said Trump.

As reported, China from September 1 and December 15 will increase import duties by 10% and 5% for US imported products totaling $ 75 billion.

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